Tactics Ogre Reborn Review


Tactics Ogre is one of the most important games in the history of strategy-RPGs, but it has never gotten the attention it deserves outside of Japan. Part of this is because its younger sibling, Final Fantasy Tactics, which was directly based on it and was much loved, casts a long shadow over it. Even though it got a great new version in 2011, the fact that it was only available on PSP again limited its audience. Square Enix is righting a wrong that has been going on for a long time with the release of Tactics Ogre Reborn in HD and with a lot of changes. However, some changes to the way the game looks and plays keep this from being the best version of the all-time classic.

Game Walkthrough

In our story, we follow young Denam and his sister Catiua, who are both Walister family members. The Galgastani, who are in charge, have been making life hard for the Walister for years, and a group of them has started to organize to fight back. What starts out as a plan to get revenge for their father’s death turns into a mission to save Duke Ronwey, the leader of the resistance. But as Denam joins the growing resistance, he learns how far Duke Ronwey will go to help his cause. This forces him to make some very hard decisions. As the fight spreads to neighboring states, Denam will have to come up with his own way to end the fighting.

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If you’ve seen or read any of Yasumi Matsuno’s other works, like Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, or Final Fantasy XII, you’ll recognize some of the same themes here, like politics, moral dilemmas, class struggles, and idealism gone wrong. The story’s path and the special characters you can recruit will change a lot depending on the choices you make, some of which are gut-wrenching and could mean life or death. There are a lot of twists and surprises, which are made better by the fact that the famous localizer Alexander O. Smith wrote a great English script and that voice acting was added to cutscenes. The World Tarot system from the PSP remake is also back. It works like an improved New Game+: After you finish the game, you can go back to earlier parts of the story and try out different outcomes and paths while keeping the characters you already have.

The game is played the same way as other grid-based strategy RPGs: You grow and send out a carefully chosen mini-army to fight a squad controlled by the computer by moving around the battlefield and using attacks and skills to get the upper hand. Each character’s turn and how far they can move depend on a lot of things, like their stats, equipment, buffs and debuffs, and how many actions they took on their last turn. The effectiveness of attacks and skills is also affected by a wide range of factors, such as stats, elemental affiliations, attack type, and even the direction you’re coming from.

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Tactics Ogre is a must-play for strategy-RPG fans because it has intense tactical combat, deep character building, and a great story. It’s great that this game is now much easier to find, and most of the updates and improvements make it even better. Some people might be put off by the price of $50 for a remake with questionable changes to the graphics and sounds, but the great strategy gameplay and branching story paths will keep you interested for a very long time. Even though it’s not a perfect remake, it’s pretty good.

Final Thought

Combat is fun because you have so many options and things to think about. Should you go in swinging swords with your big bruisers to draw the enemy toward you, or should you wait until your MP resources build up first? Do you keep hitting a target with small blows, or do you try to weaken it with status effects before going in for a big kill blow? Should you kill the monsters you meet to get rare items or try to train them so you can use their special skills in future battles? It’s very satisfying to figure out how to approach each fight and carry out your plans (or at least try to). And if you make a really stupid move, you can take it back with the Chariot Tarot. This is an optional feature that lets you “rewind” battle turns and try a different strategy.